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Edward(20) helps me study feline medicine

Edward(20) reviews current feline medicine

Joanna Swabe, in her book “Human-animal relations and the rise of veterinary medicine” (Routledge, 1999) has this to say:

“…perhaps one of the most interesting developments in veterinary medical science during the twentieth century has been the rise of feline medicine.”

We happen to think so too! There are a lot of contributing factors, societal changes and changes in attitudes in both veterinarians and cat owners that have made this possible.

I have opened a Facebook page for us to enter the discussion on what some of these changes have been. This forum is for us to comment on what we experienced growing up as cat owners, as feline veterinarians in the early days of the field, and as feline veterinarians and cat owners today.

Post your comments, and get your friends involved! Talk frankly about what it was like to be a cat owner and a cat vet 30, 40, 50 years ago….and now, what is the difference?

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